Too much information or not enough?

Hi, so I realize what I’m saying might be too much information for some people. It’s true I haven’t shared it with my friends because I want them to still love me.


I’ve visited sites about IBS and they all give the same basic information that doesn’t really tell you what it’s like.  I even questioned having IBS before my diagnosis because I was like, hmmm…not sure that’s me.  And until I have the time to properly SEO and market and advertise this blog so it pops up on Google searches, I’m hoping slowly but surely people will find these posts and find some comfort, answers, tips for eating, and other solutions that might help ease the day to day living with IBS.

Oh, and also hoping one day I might be known to someone as the girl who talks about poop a lot.  And in my maturity I’d respond:


I ate cheese this weekend and didn’t suffer any awful consequences (yet).  I sometimes eat cheese when I know I need to “clean stuff out,” if you will, but I’ve had fewer bowel movements than expected.  That either means the apocalypse is upon me or I managed to escape the wrath of my intestines scott free.

Last weekend I ate at a restaurant and had delicious Jamaican jerk chicken and fries and plantains, which as I’m sure you realize, tasted delicious.  However, later that night, I suffered the pukes all food-poisoning style.  I used to tell people I had food poisoning rather than IBS because it was a much easier way to explain “I was puking all night.”  I wonder if I said it was IBS people would just say “go poop” and tell me to get back to work.  I spent a few nauseated days curled into a fetal position every chance I got and eating the tummy-taming carbs like bread and pasta (with my daily doses of protein, of course).  It had been a while since I had such a violent attack, so it was a not-so-gentle reminder to watch what I put in my mouth.  None of the other sites about IBS will tell you that.

The lesson?  Know what you’re eating or realize you’re risking a few days of pain and tasting your own bile.