Dried fruits, anyone?

With IBS, you learn something new all the time (Read: There’s always something you didn’t know would destroy your bowels).

So I read this other blog post about people who are active and sweat a lot might be deficient in magnesium. I train in Krav Maga almost every day, so yeah, I sweat. A lot. And I’ve been more concerned lately about my diet and making sure I’m getting the nutrients I need. I felt I might have an iron deficiency, so I’m adding more red meat. Instead of once a month, I’m trying for once a week.

When I read I might also be deficient in magnesium, I researched some foods that could get me a little extra magnesium in my day. After all, I did have a few of the symptoms the nutritionist listed, including brain fog, poor sleep quality, and fatigue, or the flipside, being unable to calm down. Not fun symptoms to experience.

So I thought pumpkin seeds and dried apricots were a good idea.

Delicious, or devils in disguise?

Delicious, or devils in disguise?

THEY WEREN’T.  Apparently, dried apricots are on the top of the list for encouraging bowel movements. I have saucy poops daily, I DON’T NEED ANY EXTRA HELP (most of the time).

The dried apricots were delicious. I kind of want to eat one right now. But if I eat a few of them, they will unleash their merciless terror and rip my bowels through my asshole. Forget about the fear of pooping in a public restroom, because when apricot war begins, you have a matter of seconds to make it to the toilet.


You might end up with the exploding poop akin to a nuclear bomb going off. In my case, I felt I had done my business and was through with it, only to feel the urge five minutes later. Repeat this cycle for a few hours. To top it off, while training, the instructor made us drop 20 pound medicine balls on each other’s abdomen, followed with a sit up — TWENTY TIMES. MY INNARDS ARE NOT IMPRESSED.

At least now I have another tool for those times I need to expedite the poop from my body. Yay.